Tokyo Nightlife

Tokyo, without a shadow of a doubt, has one of the best nightlife scenes that you can find in the world. Not only is it extremely entertaining, but it is also incredibly diverse, meaning there’s something for everyone in this remarkable city. However, with so many options available, it can be difficult trying to decide what to do. Hopefully, the following guide will be of some use.


This is Tokyo’s most brightly lit and densely packed nightlife neighbourhood. With its many clubs, arcades, karaoke bars, and eateries, it is a place that is always bustling well into the early hours of the morning. This is maybe because the subway usually stops running at midnight, so people have no choice but to stay the night. This place is extremely popular with the locals, but they are extremely welcoming towards foreigners.

Ginza and Roppongi

During the day Ginza is heaven for shopaholics, but as night falls it transforms into one of the city’s best nightlife districts. Here you can find decadent restaurants (including some of the best sushi shops in the city), opulent nightclubs and trendy bars. A lot of this nightlife is hidden from plain view with many of the best restaurants and bars tucked away on upper floors of innocuous buildings.

Roppongi is packed full with clubs, bars, and people partying all night, making it one of the most popular nightlife districts in Tokyo. It is particularly popular with international tourists and Japanese salary men, which is reflected in the entry and drink prices. Here you can find upscale bars, Western-style clubs, jazz bars, and dive bars. In short, there is something for everyone in Roppongi.