Best museums and Galleries in Tokyo

If you are in search of a great place to go on holiday that will offer up some wonderful museums and galleries to showcase a culture that is far different from your own, you should head to Tokyo, the capital city of Japan. Here you can enjoy exploring the many diversified museums and galleries the city has to offer, while getting a great insight into the past and present of Japanese life.

The Mori Art Museum

The Mori Art Museum is classified as an art museum that is contemporary. It is named after its real estate developer, who was called Minoru Mori. The museum covers two floors of exhibition space and primarily showcases the art of various Asian artists. The exhibitions are not permanent, and they are changing all the time. This means that each visit will reveal something new.

Tokyo National Museum and National Museum of Modern Art

The term grand can certainly be applied to the Tokyo National Museum, which was constructed in the year of 1872. This museum is classified as being the oldest national museum in the whole country. To add to this, it’s also the biggest art museum in the country. In fact, it is reputed as being among the largest ones in the world today. It showcases pieces pertaining to Japan and Asia.

Another noteworthy national museum is the well-famed National Museum of Modern Art. It is credited as being the museum with the most expansive collection of modern Japanese art in Japan. The museum has a tremendous collection of art from the twentieth century, with an emphasis being placed on those artists that demonstrate both a Western style and a Nihonga style in their various pieces of art.