Welcome to Tokyo!

Welcome to our travel site focused on beautiful Tokyo. Have you been thinking about traveling to the Japanese city of Tokyo? Maybe your friends and family members have traveled to Tokyo and utterly loved every part of their experience. Or maybe you have been working hard and just need to get away to get refreshed. Whatever your reasoning, Tokyo will offer you a great experience.

Both modern and historical

Tokyo is the capital city of Japan and it is truly one of the busiest cities in the world. Yes, this modern city is full of skyscrapers, businesses, shops and cafes, but, on the other hand, visitors will notice that it has a historical side when they come across the splendid temples located around the city. This bustling city really is a place everyone should visit.

Palace, museums and sushi

When you visit the city of Tokyo, you will have the delightful opportunity of being able to visit the Imperial Palace right in the heart of Tokyo. This majestic building is set among beautifully maintained traditional and exquisite Japanese gardens that are accessible to the public. You can enjoy a nice picnic on the grounds and the surroundings make a nice backdrop for some lovely photos.

Another fascinating thing about this city is that it boasts a number of museums with many splendid types of exhibits. Visiting the museums will broaden your experience of the culture of Tokyo and the Japanese way of life. For example, you can take in some classical Japanese art which you can find displayed at the Tokyo National Museum. When you are in Tokyo, you must try the outstandingly delicious sushi, too.