Best places to visit in Tokyo

Tokyo attracts close to thirty million international tourists every year, so something must make this city so attractive, right? Well, there is so much to do in this amazing city that you would probably need to make a good number of trips there before you have seen all it has to offer. Below, we will provide you with three places you must visit if you ever find yourself in Tokyo.

Tokyo National Museum

If you want to learn more about Japan’s rich history, then the Tokyo National Museum is the place to head to. This museum is one of the biggest in the country and is home to nearly 120,000 pieces of art and artifacts that tell the story of Japan. When strolling through the numerous buildings, you’ll come across samurai swords, kimonos, delicate pottery and other pieces declared to be national treasures.

Sensoji Temple and Ginza

The Sensoji Temple is the oldest religious building in the city – and also one of the most visited. Over the course of a year, this fantastic temple, which goes all the way back to the year 628 (although some of its structure has since been renovated), sees around thirty million visitors. This temple was built to honour Asakusa Kannon, the Buddhist god of happiness and mercy. It’s also free to visit!

London has Oxford Street; New York has 5th Avenue – and Tokyo has Ginza. This part of Tokyo can only be described as a shopper’s paradise. Think of any big-name retailer or designer and you will find them in Ginza. There are also many stores that sell traditional Japanese items if you are looking for some great souvenirs to take home. You can also find several art galleries here.